Our apartment in Greece boasts of great living room. Decorated in bright, pastel colours, our spacious living room provides a space of relaxation where you can enjoy your leisure time in the most pleasurable way. Modern amenities will make you feel at home. Featuring 25 m2, the living room of the apartment combines a sleeping and living area functions.

🍵Unwind on one of our 3 comfortable sofa beds where you can sit and relax with a glass of refreshing drink. Feel the softness of velvet-like sofa covers made of matte finish fabric. Immerse yourself in the realm of your favourite book in the comfort of spacious sofas.

🚻A warm, ambient light of floor lamp creates a cosy atmosphere and a mood of togetherness for relaxing evenings. A flat-screen, 43-inch SMART TV will provide you with plenty of entertainment options. Listen to your favourite songs on YouTube. Watch the pics you have taken during the day on large screen. Let your hair down while watching a movie of your favourite genre. Put on a chillout music that will help you relax while having a nap or before going to bed for a night sleep.

🍃A nature-inspired picture on the wall will give you a sense of harmony and peacefulness. A big, elegant mirror on the side creates an impression of immense space. Lime-coloured, decorative cushions perfectly complement the zen-style triptic picture with the snapshots of pristine nature details.

🐚The earthy colours in our modern living room made up a décor that sparks creativity and new ideas. The stylishly decorated seating area creates a space of in.spiration that allows you to take a break and helps to refresh your body and mind.

Be there. Experience this. Feel good.